Men & Women Upscale Clothing


Monday-Friday:7am-6pm Saturday:10:am-6pm

Our wildly infused collection introduces an array of fashion choices to excite the palette for uniqueness of design, true fit, feel, and look of fabric and texture such as animal print, genuine feathers, genuine fur, faux fur, genuine leather, faux leather, silk chiffon, lace, Chinese silk and brocade, Ilitt, beading and fringe. This collection is just what’s ordered to showcase those fashionable hues of a beautifully designed collection predicated on keenly developed knowledge of what fashionably savvy and chic looks like for all occasion.

We design high-quality men and women clothing and accessories such as; skirts, blouses, slacks, vests, jackets, sweaters, shoes, purses, hats, scarves, belts, lingerie and jewelry. Our sizes begin with; an extra small, small- med-large, extra, large, 1x-2x-3x-4x which has a touch of flare driven by the popular Pantone color palette. Our signature asymmetrical designs gracefully ebb and flow with richly adorned embellishment.

While shopping with SAHRAHS’we assure you of a uniquely enjoyable experience with an enhancement of choices paired with personalized tailoring, private viewing of our upcoming designs, creative shopping, pre-holiday ordering as well as; hair styling, facials with high-fashioned brows included, in-store gift certificates and specialized gift wrapping by appointment only.

Special orders are paid in full prior to ordering, all deposits must be paid up-front. Delivery dates of your selected items will be estimated during the time of ordering. the ordering of clothing within our private "shop & order shows" must spend a minimum of $250.00 in participation

Credit Cards Accepted: *Visa *MasterCard *Discover*American Express*Store Credit Card* Cashier’s check *Bank debit card *order processing by authorize.net/PayPal


Sara V. Harris