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We here at 'SAHRAH'S MOBILE FASHION NOOK' have decided to offer all interested early bird buyers an opportunity in which to view and make an informed buying decision to purchase some of our  gently used high-end fashion designs, created by your popular designers for men & women

These popular designers are as follows(short list): Liz Claiborne, Bianca Nygard, Jones of new york, Ann Klein, Evan Picone, Laurene kogar, Papell Boutique, Studio I, Maggie of London, Danny & Nicole, Positive Attitude, Kasper, & Carol Little

These beautifully designed pieces will be captured and shown on video for all interested followers to view and make a purchase decision. they will be posted by SAHRAH'S within the next few weeks. please view them as often as possible to make a confident decision and contact us by email:saraharris500@gmail.com

prior to making those special selections and adding those items to our ordering forms, please ask any pertinent questions you may have any items of interest at that time, be sure and leave appropriate and complete  shipping/contact  information to re-contact you to verify  correct payment methods

gently used clothing designs consist of:

  • Skirt suits/skirts(fancy/regular     Skirt/suits/fan $125-skirts/$75
  • Dresses(fancy/regular                     Dresses/fancy $125-reg./$65
  • Blouses/fancy/reg.                           Blouses/fancy $50-reg./$35
  • Shirts                                                   Shirts/fancy    $20-reg.$15
  • Slacks for Men/Women                  Slacks/fancy   $50-reg. $25
  • Jackets for Men/Women                Jackets/fancy $50-reg. $35
  • Shoes/Hats, PantSuits/Sweaters  Shoes/fancy    $65-reg. $50

Hats/fancy      $25-reg. $20

Pantsuits/fancy $50-reg.$25

Sweaters/fancy $30-reg. $20





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