Sahrah’s First Quarterly Business Newsletter

     Welcome, Fashioners, Entrepreneurs, Millennials, Guys & Gals

I am so, so excited about what's happening in the business & fashion world today especially with the new influx of entrepreneurs and ever-evolving millennial fashions since we can identify with being the new kid on the block. I'm sure too you're aware of how Colorado's recently passed drug laws have impacted huge changes within the retail & housing markets especially in state. These laws have caused major issues for prospective entrepreneurs, home buyers & fashion retailers searching for affordable space while grasping at maintaining sufficient financial levels.

But not to worry for there's also tremendous excitement of what this inadvertent law has produced and is yet another creative resource in support of our fashion retailers, for we have realized that purchasing & remodeling moderately large to medium vans, & similar trucks, as a form of mobile space, serves in the capacity of traditional retail space so that, uniquely we may efficiently travel to wherever our customers are and accomplish identical authenticity and business benchmarks while yet attaining mutual enjoyment & great reward for the journey

Additionally, our richly endowed creative  spirit has also guided us in the  beautiful design of a fashion mobile van entitled 'Sahrah's Fashion mobile nook' for we here at Sahrah's view this as much desired freedom from rigid retail constraints as well as a well desired financial boost for fashion retailers and more autonomy for our company but, also for existing & potential customers for; it will lend greater access to personal one-on-one interaction with the owner & CEO, Sara Harris for she is the fashion guru & navigator of this beautifully created  fashion mobile van moving throughout the state of Colorado, 2-3 times  monthly

which we'll document her successful journey by posing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and HootSuite  and also on Sahrah's website blog to keep you abreast of our  schedule of where we'll pop-up so that; you may enjoy viewing our beautiful products, and uniquely created business essentials, while meeting the CEO, Sara Harris. This business scenario reflects a reinvention of self, for we must think outside the box when in business as in life, it's also an understanding of the rules of the game and how to play the game to win, Our motto is this, "you must be up for the challenge" and to that end Sahrah's is ever advancing leaps and bounds into the fashion world with the creation of fashion savvy designs & accessories as well as the introduction of uniquely created business essentials

Moreover; these are some of Sahrah's newly created formal designs that you may enjoy for special occasions such as holidays, weddings, graduations, birthdays, along with our gently used men & women designs. We also sponsor privately held shopping parties for our customers/clients(by appointment only) to view new and preselected designs, professionally modeled by our industry savvy models. Then lastly, but not least for the inclusion of our aspiring entrepreneurs, millennials, fashion truck guys & gals you'll have a unique opportunity in which to explore our newly created fashion van app. soon to arrive on scene happily inviting you to touch bases with like-minds while gaining insightful  information & guidance on your mobile fashion journey.

We sincerely invite you to take advantage of the wealth of services offered by our uniquely created business essentials especially geared toward entrepreneurs executives and managers in need of assistance in opening a startup business for the first time. So let us help with this endeavor in the  introduction of these newly created business essentials

(Incorporation of professional business essentials (registration required) find our form on the menu dropdown

Such As:

(FASHION-APPAREL  BUSINESS PACKAGES) ( Business Consultation=$75-$125 per. hr. min. =2.0hrs.)

  • Professional Business Formation                                                     $475
  • The Small Business Start-Up Package                                            $275
  • Professional Business Plan                                                                $$450
  • Business Policy & Procedure Package                                             $350
  • Pricing Structure Package                                                                  $350
  • Mission Statement Development(Consultation Needed)            $150
  • Business Budgeting Package                                                             $350
  • Operational Procedures(For Trucks & Businesses)                     $450
  • Employee Management Package                                                     $450
  • Employment Recruitment Package(also depends on bus.)       $450
  • Screening Package                                                                              $450
  • Orientation Package                                                                           $450
  • Employee Training Package(also depends on bus.)                    $450
  • Employee Testing Package(also depends on bus.)                      $450
  • Marketing Package                                                                              $475
  • Advertisement Package                                                                      $475
  • Professional Business Proposal(depends on bus.)                       $475
  • Business Consultation(by appointment only)


         THANK YOU