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  • Growing up in rural Virginia with ideas of what the world had to offer of its beauty and majesties. thoughts of how my sisters and I could interact in this world was always present, as well as; a deep desire to activate those creative juices
  • It was Christmas Eve when mother began displaying a table set for our gift but we were awakened by all of the commotions and discovered her well-kept secret,  in which she was not too happy about, although this issue was quickly resolved, after all,  this was Christmas Eve and Santa had made his delivery hence; this was the most joyous and happiest of times
  • So we were all jumping around this beautiful gift, and wondered what to do with it when nearby one of mother's magazines " entitled better homes and garden's" came into view, which aided in the game we lovingly penned "when I grow up I'm going to have and be" it was an expression of faith  in God, and we all shared this belief, it brought the vision alive which God had given me earlier, that fashion design was where it was going to be for me
  • And I was sure this was what my sisters wanted as well, as we continued in admiration, there was a breath of excitement, never experienced. and I gave God all the glory and honor: for it was His plan. This magazine not only had beautifully dressed models but richly adorned homes as well.
  • So we began on the first page of this book, with a selection of people/models we aspired to be and all the things we were going to have when  grown up, while reciting the phrase," when I grow up I'm going to have and be"as we passed it to and fro God gave us the innate hope of a beautiful future through believing in Christ Jesus.
  • For He says "And all things whatever ye ask in prayer believing you shall receive" for he knows the desires of our heart. so I grew up with great reverence for God and began designing my school clothing. Being a teenager I was also involved in self-discovery,  but without formal training in fashion design or the human anatomy, yet still nurturing this deeply creative need of beauty, while focusing on the sketching of clothing, knowing there were set guidelines in which to accomplish this. As life moved on with, marriage, children and college graduation
  • I then earned a degree in business administration, entered my Master's program in Health Sciences; while learning the construction of human anatomy. I then opened several successful businesses, one being a porcelain doll shop; in which I was the featured doll-artisan; teaching, sculpting, painting, dressing and making beautiful dolls.
  • Still, God had continued this process of bringing His seed to fruition planted in my spirit as a young child; with Him, we know that time does not exist. so I  needed to listen, and finally, in doing so, life completely evolved for me, as I began to fully experience His grace and plan, which was designing SAHRAHS‘ first clothing line in 2011
  • Realizing once again the need for his grace and guidance while praying to him, sitting on the couch one day  'saying', 'Lord', "I know that you have something you want me to do, I just don't know what it is, but I know that you do" and suddenly a small, sweet, but powerful voice spoke from within my consciousness 'saying' 'remember when you were a child, you had a great love of beauty' the voice continued with a quickness so much so, my thoughts were silenced,  as He said ''this is what you should be doing"

                                             'SAHRAHS' IS A GIFT FROM GOD'

                                            Men and Women's Upscale Clothing

  • SAHRAHS‘ It's truly a gift from God.  I just needed to hear from him. 'there are those times when we need to be still' so I immediately began thanking God for His gift and for answering my prayers, he let me know that he loved me and that he sensed the immediate need for His answer
  • just at that moment I moved from the couch to the dining room table and began sketching clothing of all type as though; I had been doing this for a lifetime. once again He was preparing me to do what he knew was possible, with His help. I had to recognize that need for Him, God says "we have not for we ask not".
  • with unabated confidence, I was sketching 50-60, outfits per setting, of which (only God  knew existed), until (He brought it to fruition) by revealing the seed, ( the designs), choosing an appointed time, ( the year 2011), and place which was ( Denver, Colorado) to birth it, hence "A touch of panache" "A touch of nouveau" which speaks of flamboyance of color, style and being newly developed. I initially began staying up from 5:00am-6:00 pm the following morning. I was just as excited as when preparing that first clothing collection entitled "WILD INFUSION" which was introduced to the public on July 18, 2014, at SAHRAHS‘ first runway show here in Denver, Colorado
  • God has not only given me a gift but a multi-tiered gift with the uniqueness of ability to choose the appropriate design, fabric, texture, color, and style of each of SAHRAHS designs. what a blessing it is and I thank you, Lord, with all of my heart.
  • This brings us to SAHRAHS‘Couture Designs & Accessories for Men & Women, I would be remiss if not to give heads up that SAHRAHS‘ will be opening its first line of boutiques in each of ten states, California, New York, Las Vegas, Scottsdale Arizona, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Chicago. beginning the middle of 2018 and with God's blessing. Please call for business inquiries, beginning January 2018 we will be accepting management applications/resumes for each of these boutiques.

SAHRAHS‘ guarantees true fit, feel and look for high-quality apparel and accessories

Thank You

Sara V. Harris